Sinus Precautions

Your surgeon may have discussed with you that upon extraction of the tooth in the upper jaw, a perforation into the sinus cavity occurred due to the relationship of the roots and the sinus floor. This most likely will heal on its own. Sometimes surgical correction is necessary after 3 months. Meanwhile, the following is recommended:

  • Sinus Precautions:
    • Take the prescribed antibiotics as directed.
    • Take an over the counter decongestants for 2 weeks. Examples are
      • Sudafed
      • Claritin
      • Zyrtec, etc

      Take them as directed for 2 weeks.

    • No smoking, drinking through a straw or blowing nose for the next 4 weeks.
    • If you have to sneeze, open your mouth to sneeze and decrease your sinus pressure. Do not keep your mouth closed while sneezing. By doing so, you will create a negative pressure in your sinus which will keep the sinus communication open between your mouth and your sinus increasing the risk of needing surgical correction at a later time.