Patient Review by Birgit W for Dr. Moore in South Orlando

In 2008, after an odyssey of unnecessary costly dental procedures (root canals, extractions etc) I was finally referred to and diagnosed by Dr Moore with trigeminal neuropathy. He made sure my pain level went from a constant 8/10 to 0/10 and helped me to understand my condition which was misinterpreted/ignored by so many doctors (neurologist, dentist, max.surgeons etc) before. Within a year I was again living my "normal" life and could taper off all medications. Fast forward this July I had cracked a molar and needed a root canal which triggered the neuropathy to come back and once again Dr Moore was able to relieve the pain. His knowledge in facial pain and all related issues is extraordinary and I can highly recommend him if you suffer from any kind of facial/chronic pain!

- Birgit W

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