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Orofacial & Dental Implant Surgery

5 out of 5 stars based on 270 reviews.

Patient Review by Joanne B for Dr. Alicea in Winter Garden

Very easy procedure

- Joanne B

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Patient Review by Joanne Crespo for Dr. Alicea in Winter Garden

Staff Friendly

- Joanne Crespo

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Patient Review by Emma S for Dr. Antonos in Winter Garden

Great service

- Emma S

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Patient Review by Rose V for Dr. Antonos in Winter Garden

Excellent service and treatment.

- Rose V

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Patient Review by Ovais A for Dr. Morales in Winter Garden

Welcoming and informative staff.

- Ovais A

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Patient Review by Francisco Z for Dr. Antonos in Winter Garden

Great experience with Dr.Antons

- Francisco Z

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Patient Review by Amy M for Dr. Shaikh in Winter Garden

Very knowledgeable and the process is really easy to navigate

- Amy M

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Patient Review by Amy B for Dr. Shaikh in Winter Garden

Very comfortable experience.

- Amy B

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Patient Review by Kim G for Dr. Shaikh in Winter Garden

Dr. Sheikh was excellent!

- Kim G

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Patient Review by Samantha O for Dr. Shaikh in Winter Garden

Quick, easy and in formative consult

- Samantha O

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Patient Review by Iris for Dr. Shaikh in East Orlando

This was our first experience with a Oral Surgeon in the US and Dr. Shaikh made it so easy for us and my daughter's that we didn't even feel there was going to be a procedure at all. His patience and caring for her was AMAZING...Kudos for him and his medical staff !!

- Iris

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Patient Review by Julia P for Dr. Shaikh in South Orlando

Outstanding office. Felt very comfortable and listened to.

- Julia P

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Patient Review by Georgina O for Dr. Antonos in Winter Garden

Very professional and welcoming.

- Georgina O

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Patient Review by Adeena A for Dr. Alicea in Winter Garden


- Adeena A

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Patient Review by Dawson B for Dr. Morales in South Orlando

Very friendly and informative

- Dawson B

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Patient Review by Mayte T for Dr. Morales in South Orlando

Muy amable y profesional!

- Mayte T

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Patient Review by Jonah B for Dr. Antonos in Winter Garden

Great visit, thanks!!

- Jonah B

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Patient Review by Hernando Z for Dr. Antonos in Winter Garden


- Hernando Z

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Patient Review by Heather O for Dr. Shaikh in Kissimmee

Friendly staff. Felt comfortable with the doctor

- Heather O

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Patient Review by Tesla P for Dr. Alicea in Kissimmee

Everyone was very kind and helpful. Very happy with my visit.

- Tesla P

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Brought my two daughters here for their four wisdom teeth removal. They recovered faster than we thought. Dr. Ofilio Morales is an excellent doctor. Would recommend to anyone in a heartbeat.

H F 10/2018

I had the pleasure to visit the OROFACIAL & Dental Implant Surgery offices located by Dr Phillips in Orlando. It has been a great experience although I’ve been through very challenging procedures. Dr Ofilio Morales and his excellent team of professionals have been very supportive and caring. They took great care of me during and after my surgery. Receptionist, billing specialist and all the staff have been awesome. I highly recommend this team of talented oral care doctors and nurses.

Mari M 10/2018

Was blown away here! So very accommodating at getting me in. Every person professional and friendly. They seem to have all the latest equipment to make the patient comfortable and provide the best of care. Everything, from my X-ray to the procedure and follow-up care, was thoroughly explained. You felt as though you were the only person there that day.

Gale E 10/2018

Dr. Moore and the staff at Orofacial & Dental Implant Surgery were all extremely thorough, knowledgeable and professional in dealing with my TMJ issue. I felt very comfortable and have great confidence in the diagnosis and treatment and highly recommend the folks at Orofacial & Dental Implant Surgery.

Jackie L 10/2018

Amazing job by Doctor & Staff

Caleb S 10/2018

Fast, efficient, thorough. Got me in for surgery two days after the consultation. Surgery lasted 20 minutes and I was out of the office in less than 30 total.

Audania T 10/2018

Had a great experience with Orofacial and Dental Implant Surgery. The staff were all friendly, they provided great care and customer service. My appointments with them went really quick. I had Dr. Alicea remove my wisdom teeth in less than 45mins. He was nice and took good care of me. They assisted me in every way and even called me at home to see how I was doing.

Crystal D 10/2018

Excellent staff and great service.

Aury D 10/2018

Dr. Antonos and the staff at Orofacial & Dental Implant Surgery are FANTASTIC!

Tommy H 10/2018

Great experience with Dr.Shaikh !!

Steven K 10/2018

Thank you Dr. Shaikh and staff for taking good care of me through my last oral surgery and working well with my orthodontist and staying on top of my treatment..I would recommend your office to everyone you guys are AWESOME.

Kimberly B 10/2018

No pain during or after surgery.

Jerome B 10/2018

Staff was very friendly and professional and Dr. Antonos was absolutely great, truly cares for his patients!

Janiika V 10/2018

My son had to have an extra tooth extracted, we traveled from Polk County to Orlando for it. Dr. Antonos and his staff were amazing from beginning to end. The Dr. Gave all his patients his personal cell phone because it was a holiday weekend just in case we had any concerns. The Dr. Himself followed up with us along with a staff member. They made myself and my son feel very comfortable with the procedure as my son wanted to be placed to sleep and walked both of us through everything. We can’t thank all of Orofacial enough for such a wonderful experience!

Kimberly W 10/2018

Went there for wisdom teeth removal. Everyone was very caring and knowledgeable. Everything was very quick!

Ashley C 10/2018

Convenient inexpensive quick clean PERFECT! I have had some of my teeth pulled before but never had any of my wisdom teeth removed. I was scared to have it taken out. Dr. Antonos pulled it out quicker than it took to numb it. Greatest dental experience ever!

Rhonda T 10/2018

Recently had all 4 bone impacted wisdom teeth removed. Staff was very flexible with scheduling, and was able to get me in right away. Dr. Antonos and Sarah made sure to explain all options, risks and aftercare associated with the removal. Dr. Antonos and Sarah had great bed side manner and both made sure I was comfortable throughout. Within 2 days the office and Dr. Antonos reached out to make sure everything was going fine.

Jason H 10/2018

They are every friendly and patient with their patients after the care that they give you I for one give them a thumbs up. If your looking for somewhere awesome to go they would be your place of service to go I would recommend anyone to their services

Dreka J 10/2018

Fabulous oral surgeon! Staff is friendly and caring! Proficient and thorough! Great chair side manner!!!!!! Explained clearly the procedure!

Diane F 10/2018

Thank you Dr. Antonos and the amazing team over at Stonerock Circle. My daughter experienced very little pain and bleeding after the surgery. Thank you for putting her at ease Dr Antonos and thank you Sarah for your extremely kind and compassionate after surgery care.

Gabriela B 10/2018

It is the second time Dr. Morales did a surgery for my kids; he and his assistant were amazing, they took care of my kids one year ago and today for the other. In general all the staff at the office were very kind and all the time had a smile

Patricia S 8/2018

I chose them over our in house oral surgeon

Rebecca V 8/2018

I have had 2 children see Dr. Morales for oral surgery. He and his staff are amazing! They are very thorough and definitely eased the nerves of both myself and my daughters. I would highly recommend them as will return in the future when needed.

Traci J 8/2018

Our dentist referred us to Dr. Morales from Orofacial & Dental Implant Surgery to evaluate our seventeen year old daughter for possible extraction of the wisdom teeth. On the day of our appointment they took us in right on time. Dr. Morales and his staff were very professional, friendly and clearly explained the procedure as well as the before and after care. Scheduling the surgery was a breeze. His office communicated with our insurance company immediately and our benefits were explained at the moment. Surgery took no more than 30 minutes from the time we arrived to the time we left. 48 hours later our daughter is recuperating very well.

Maricruz S 8/2018

In June as part of her orthodontics process our daughter was in need of having her wisdom teeth removed. Our Dr. Ana Garcia recommended we use Orofacial and Dental Implant Surgery.After initial consultation with Dr. Morales a surgery date was set. We arrived early that morning and everything went exactly as scheduled. We took her home and followed the staffs instructions and her recovery was very quick and they truthfully exceeded our expectations. We are very satisfied and glad we used this office Thank you to Dr. Morales and his team of professionals! From one greatful parent!

Efraim R 8/2018

They are caring, professional I’m extremely happy with their service. I will definitely recommend them to everyone.

Michelle N 8/2018

Will never go to another oral surgeon again. He is by far the best.

Marissa G 8/2018

I was very nervous to have a tooth extracted but staff and Dentist were very assuring. All in all a quick and semi painless process

Julie C 8/2018

Dr. Morales was awesome explained everything well. I completely understood everything he said. He said them in both medical and lamen terms

Necie H 8/2018

Great staff and provider! Dr. Moore has helped me a lot with the management of TMJ and migraines.

Onairam M 8/2018

The dr was very patient and kind. He answered all of my questions, and had my best interest at heart. If you should need a dentist or oral surgeon this is definitely the place to go.

Jodie L 8/2018

Staff was friendly and professional. Dr. Alicea explained well procedure and attention was on time.

Christopher Z 8/2018

Dr. Luis Alicea and his medical staff made me comfortable, confident and calm about my oral surgery. The molar extraction went wonderfully. Dr.Alicea explained all options to along with long term prognosis before we decided upon the particular surgery. Very happy with result and to recommend Orofacial & Dental Implant Surgery.

Tom D 8/2018

Very impressed with the staff and Dr. Morales. Great experience here. Highly recommend. Kind people, very accommodating, they explain everything well and offer several options. Rarely feel such a warm vibe in a doctor’s office like this. They calmed my anxious daughter and quickly established trust and concern for her well being.

Elaine V 8/2018

Amazing practice with highly educated dental and medical professionals and support staff. Thank you Dr. Moore! Can’t recommend this practice enough. Excellent dental and medical professionals and staff. Thank you!

Chris C 8/2018

Dr. Alicea and his staff took care of my 13 year old daughter and were very professional, caring and sweet. Would definitely recommend to family and friends!

Rosalie R 8/2018

I was very please with my visit, they are very organized & professional very friendly & Dr Moore was great so was his assistant. Would recommend them to everyone.
Thank you all

Dee O 8/2018

Dr. Moore is very professional, Ethical and I was impressed with his examination. Thank you Dr. Moore for seeing me. I will highly recommend this office.

Nydia F 8/2018

Our experience with Dr. Shaikh was thorough, considerate, and comforting! My son’s procedure was flawless!

Danielle L 8/2018

Dr. Antonos and the staff at Orofacial and Dental are FANTASTIC!

Tommy H 8/2018

From the staff to the doctor, great experience. Everyone was so nice and friendly. They made me feel like they have known me forever. My doctor was Like Antonos. Great guy with great sense of humor which helps a lot if you get nervous at the dentist like me. Definitely will go back and strongly recommend them to anyone who might have anxiety going to dentists

Yolanda M 8/2018

Dr. Antonos and his team are the most wonderful people! They took care of me and made sure I was well informed of the entire process. Going to the dentist is usually a scary experience, but not with Dr. Antonos & the team. I would give them 10 stars if I could. Thank you!

Elizabeth T 8/2018

I highly recommend this office for their great service and professionalism. Procedure took place on time, and completed pretty fast. Great on follow up. Dr. Antonos personally texted me to check on me.

Marisol M 8/2018

The whole team was great! They were very thorough in explaining everything and were knowledgeable about my other medical problems and made sure nothing interfered with them. They followed up a total of three times over two days to make sure I wasn’t having any problems and provided easy to follow instructions for after care. Will definitely be back for any more dental work I may need in the future!

Tamara C 8/2018

AWESOME staff and EXCELLENT doctors!! Dr. Antonos treat my daughter Paulina, for the extraction of her 4 wisdom teeth, procedure was quick, well explained and must of all they keep following up with me to see how she is doing. Very attentive and pending of her the whole time. MAs are also very attentive and always with a smile.
100 % recommended. Thank you all!

Jeanette I 8/2018

They were fast. and attentive. They explained everything well even the parts that felt really scary as a parent. it only took 10 minutes for them to remove my daughters teeth. the nurse stayed with us and was 100% hands on and caring. I would recommend this dentist to anyone. My daughter has also not needed any pain meds the second day, shes 11. She felt safe with the dentist and his staff. I also looked his credentials up and hes top notch!

Marie B 8/2018

Best experience i’ve ever had, I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Antonos and the whole process was extremely smooth. His team was amazing, they made me feel so comfortable when I initially felt nervous. Dr. Antono’s and his team are very efficient and my recovery was quick and hassle free. I’m so happy I decided to go with Dr. Antonos!

Priscilla C 8/2018

Dr Antonos and his team were awesome! They were very welcoming and are very educational about what they are doing. It was well explained about how the procedure was going to happen and all the side effects that could happen. Sarah is awesome she helped me a lot bc I was very nervous and I didn’t feel a thing through the procedure. Highly recommend for wisdom teeth extraction. Thank you very much Dr Antonos and his team.

Joey F 8/2018

Did a great job. Doctor and assistant where outstanding. If anyone needs dental work done this is the place to go. A+

Eddie R 8/2018

My wife is a patient and recommended I come here. I was greeted with smiles and kindness from everyone at the office. I was a little worried before arrival but was soon comfortable from the awesome people that treated me with great attitudes and professionalism. If there are any negative reviews about them…. I would say you’re probably a negative person that can’t be pleased no matter what anyone does for you . Thank you guys sooo much and I’m sure I will see you again.

Donald 8/2018

Did not feel a thing! Everything was explained to me before and after the surgery. Doctor Antonos, as well as the nurses were very friendly.

Mohamed S 8/2018

Did a great job. Doctor and assistant where outstanding. If anyone needs dental work done this is the place to go. A+

DG 8/2018

I was nervous as all get out because I’d never had 3 teeth removed at once, 2 wisdom and an extra. Upon entering the office it seemed like any other dentist office. But once I got called to the back, I knew I was in a great place. The assistant made me feel welcomed and when I met Dr. Antonos, I really began to feel relaxed. He was very professional and made my trust issue fade. He had two teeth out and I didn’t even realize it. One was stubborn but he even got that one out without me feeling it leave the gums. The best part is, he gives you his cell number and tells you to call or text him if you have any problems. Where they do that at these days. I surely didn’t feel like just another patient. I’m home recovering and guess he sends me a text checking on me, along with instruction for the next 24/72 hours. Class A service. I will recommend this office and Dr. Antonos to everyone I meet.

Alberta H 8/2018

I am so grateful for Dr Antonos and staff.
Having your 13 year old daughter’s wisdom teeth extracted is certain to be stressful.

From the initial consultation through the extraction, my daughter and I were greeted by friendly staff, then put to ease when the process was explained by Dr Antonos and his assistant.

The surgery for 3 wisdom teeth was over in about 30 mins and she is doing well.

Possibly, the most impressive part was a personal call from Dr Antonos later in the day checking up on her and making sure we have his personal cell number and no hesitation to call with any questions.

Highly recommend!

Peter B 8/2018

Very friendly and helpful… The doctor was very gentle and explained everything. I was nervous but felt much better. Thanks again

Gena B 8/2018

Took my dentist-phobic boyfriend to Dr. Antonos to get 2 teeth removed this morning. From the start the staff were courteous, respectful and professional. They worked with him to explain what was happening step by step and what to expect with the IV sedation and procedure. It’s nice to go to a doctor’s office where everyone from the receptionist to the doctor himself looks to be genuinely enjoying what they do. The procedure was done, we left, and they made sure to initiate follow up to make sure everything was going good for him. This is definitely the place you want to be when you have to have major dental work done…or your significant other is severely dentist-phobic.

Carlye N 7/2018

Doctors Shaikh and Morales are both amazing! The customer service is great. The facility is clean and they explain everything to you very well.

Rebecca R 7/2018

As a Dentist in Orlando, it was recommended to me to have my son’s bicuspids taken out for braces. I called Dr. Antonos and he immediately got us in. His staff was professional and courteous and very caring towards my son.. It is nerve racking to have your love ones sedated but this team was so awesome that they made us so comfortable..The sedation took way longer than the actual procedure, he took those teeth with a blink. He knows what he is doing and he has a passion for dentistry and people.

Dr. Sonia Simmonds 7/2018

Dr. MORALES is great. The staff is awesome and polite and kind. Very informative. Concerned. Attentive.

Deyanira V 7/2018

Dr. Antonos & Sarah made the experience as seamless as possible! They were available during and after surgery to assist me in any capacity they could. Any future dental work required I will be sure to return to Orofacial & Dental for any future surgeries and I hope to fall under the care of Dr. Antonos & Sarah, phenomenal & remarkable staff, Thank You!

Jeron J 7/2018

The staff at Orofacial were very courteous, friendly, and timely. Dr. Morales was gentle, patient, and very kind to myself and my son. Very enjoyable experience!

Danelle L 7/2018

Dr. Alicea was amazing! I had four compacted wisdom teeth extracted and it took him 30 minutes! His bedside manner is impeccable! He kept me at ease and calm through the whole process, answering all my questions and explaining the experience in a way that was easy to understand. I felt confident going into surgery and recovery has been amazing! I’m not swollen and the pain is minimal. I will definitely recommend this office to anyone who needs oral surgery.

Danielle A 7/2018

I cannot recommend this place highly enough! All the staff are warm and friendly, the doctors and assistants are informative and patient, and always make sure you’re comfortable with what’s happening and upfront costs. I just got my wisdom teeth extracted (I was put under sedation for the surgery) and I feel no pain at all! The numbness went away fast and barely any bleeding; they did an AMAZING job!! Will def go back if I ever need their services again 🙂

Rocky R 7/2018

Fast. Happy staff. No fear. No pain. Don’t need the pain pills. Fantastic!!!

Becky H 7/2018

I needed a tooth extracted. They worked me in right away. They were very nice and helpful! Thanks again!

Mindy M 7/2018

Dr Morales was great! We feel confident our son will receive great care!

Lisa R 7/2018

I’m very impressed with this place. I had to pull my wisdom teeth out, since two were impacted and hurting me a lot. I had all four removed, but I was super scared to do this. I don’t like the idea of being under anesthesia and my anxiety was killing me. Dr. Shaikh and his team were very kind during the whole process and gentle with me. I barely have pain after surgery, compared to all the horror stories I’ve heard. I didn’t have the need to take any heavy painkillers, and just Advil did it for me. Thank you for all the help, I highly recommend this place.

Elizabeth S 7/2018

I recommend this place 200%. All staff and of course Dr. Luke Antonos is excellent doctor. I have nothing bad to say on today’s surgery. Awesome office.

Genesis N 7/2018

The service was amazing. I’m a patient who is terrified of the dentist office and Dr Antonos understood what I was feeling and made me feel so at ease! His assistant Jessica was awesome, took the time to explain everything to ensure I felt ok. Great team and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I would go back in heartbeat! Thank you to the entire team, I highly recommend them to anyone! To the entire Kissimmee office, you guys ROCK!

Erica C 7/2018

Dr. Antonos and his staff are amazing, great experience! Highly recommend!

Christina R 7/2018

Their customer service is great. They handled all my insurance billing without issue. They were very patient and answered all my questions about my daughters wisdom teeth extraction.

The removal was super quick. She had no pain and no issues at all.

I would highly recommend them!

Eric E 7/2018

Dr. Antonos is great, as is any staff member I have encountered. Highly recommend!

Sue K 7/2018

Very nice and I feel all right after surgery

Jean S 7/2018

Dr. Antonos and his team took care of my son during a frenectomy. They are very caring and they contacted me multiple times to make sure my son was doing okay. Awesome experience!

Bibiana F 7/2018

I should have gone here first. Best experience with dental work ever!

Catherine G 7/2018

I am very happy with Orofacial & Dental Implant Surgery. From my initial consultation to exiting after my four wisdom teeth removal, everyone was curious and kind. Dr. Alicea was quick and confident throughout the whole process. The patient care coordinators were super sweet and helpful, answering all my questions. The facility is state of the art and the process is quick and easy. Thank you to Dr. Alicea and the team from making a nerve wracking experience into an exceptional one.

Denise R 7/2018

Dr. Morales and the team were very professional in all aspects of my recent oral surgery. I really appreciate their phone follow-up!

Richard B 6/2018

I would like to thank Dr. Antonos and his wonderful team at Orofacial & Dental Implant Surgery for their amazing work. Dr. Antonos made sure I understood the process as he explained the entire procedure in detail. He made sure I felt comfortable the entire time. In my opinion, Dr. Antonos has gone above and beyond to ensure I am pleased and healing properly. If I ever need additional work, I will be going back to see him. Definitely recommend!!!

Sylvia B 6/2018

Dr. Alicea and staff exceeded our expectations! My son’s experience with getting all 4 wisdom teeth surgically removed was a breeze! I highly recommend Orofacial & Dental Implant Surgery center! Thanks to everyone for the exceptional care! From the receptionist to the doctor!

Patricia C 6/2018

My oldest son has been to Dr. Shaikh for 2 procedures over the last few years. Staff is always friendly and helpful especially explaining insurance coverage. Dr. Shaikh always explains procedures clearly and displays genuine concern for the patient.

Tony M 6/2018

I had a good experience today at Orofacial and Dental Implant Surgery. The entire staff was courteous and professional. Dr Alicea is a superior oral surgeon. I would strongly recommend Dr Alicea.

Donald C 6/2018

Dr. Shaikh and his staff are amazing.  My daughter had four wisdom teeth removed very quickly and efficiently and her recovery is amazing.  I highly recommend Orofacial & Dental for all your surgery needs.

Susana E 6/2018

I have to say that I think Dr. Arthur Moore is awesome. Very thorough and intelligent and I look forward to my continuing treatment with him! Functional medicine practitioner is the way to go!

Sommer F 6/2018

I visited the Orlando Waterford Lakes location for a dental implant consultation. I had a great experience coming in and was given a consultation by Dr. Shaikh who was very friendly and informational. I would recommend this practice for their professionalism and warm regards towards potential patients.

Liliana P 6/2018

Had a great experience with this practice.  I needed 3 wisdom teeth removed. I was super apprehensive about it because I wasn’t thrilled with being sedated, but they took great care of me.  The entire staff was very caring, helpful understanding, and informative. Dr. Shaikh performed the surgery and he was terrific. As far as getting teeth pulled, I’m sure that it’s not fun for anyone, but this went so much better than anticipated.  Such a relief!

Beth C 6/2018

Thankful to the staff and Dr. Antonos for their commendable patience, compassion and prompt service. I have low tolerance for pain and when asked, How I was doing before having 3 wisdom teeth extracted. I replied, “nervous and hungry” since I couldn’t eat anything after 12 midnight and before going to surgery. I was sedated. Moreover, fear took hold of me and a pool of tears came strolling down. I hate needles. Dr. Antonos wanted to give me a needle in my arm which I hate to have in my arm, and I suggested my hand. He first looked at my arm and soon realized, I didn’t have the best vein in my arm, and gladly took my hand and found a pumping vein in my hand. Furthermore, his assistant gladly wiped my tears as they continued to fall before I went off to La La land…Hahaha…Upon awakening and given my care package to take home (gauze, home care of after surgery, and prescription), I was then escorted to my waiting car. Follow-up was a call from office staff and a text from the doctor of any concerns and, if for a need to reach out they are available. I highly recommend this office for your need of oral services. Thanks BUNCHES

Nicole N 6/2018

I had an amazing experience with Orofacial & Dental Implant Surgery and their staff. Dr. Shaikh and his assistant were so kind and gentle. I felt like the wisdom teeth extraction didn’t even happen. Best place to go hands down.

J Steevens 6/2018

My daughter had her wisdom teeth out by Dr Shaikh at Orofacial & Dental Implant Surgery. The whole experience at the Waterford Lakes Office was exceptional. Would highly recommend Dr Shaikh. Very professional and friendly, took time after surgery to explain. Excellent staff at front desk and nurse assisting him. Lisa from Clermont

Lisa C 6/2018

Dr. Ofilio Morales is kind, efficient, and professional. The office staff is also very nice and helpful. They are organized and very patient when answering all of our questions.

Martha C 5/2018

Great experience all the way around. Professional and friendly staff. Thank you to Dr. Moore.

R A 5/2018

Recommend this practice 100% excellent service and surgeon and staff are second to none.

Trish H 5/2018

I needed to have a tooth extraction and implant. I have started the initial workup for this procedure with Dr. Morales. The extraction went well and I was surprised how simple and expedient it was. Staff from front office to the staff working alongside the doctor are all great. They are informative and make sure all your questions are answered and make you feel comfortable. I would recommend Orofacial & Dental Implant Surgery facility at Sand Lake to anyone.

Denise A 5/2018

Dr. Morales and his staff were great with my daughter. He did surgery to my husband 20 years ago and now my daughter. She didn’t have that much pain after. We highly recommend Dr. Ofilio Morales!

Rosie R 5/2018

Informative, personal, and able to schedule us on our time without waiting months.

Janice F 5/2018

Awesome staff all around. Dr. Zakir Shaikh was amazing! After removing 3 wisdom teeth just a few days ago, I actually feel great. Thanks to everyone who played a part in ensuring my safetly. For any surgery needs check out Orofacial in Waterford Lakes!!!

Shameika S 5/2018

I called this office as an emergency on a Friday. I had a horrible toothache and they took me in and saw me that same morning. I had my extraction scheduled with them a couple hours later and I’m happy to say the pain and tooth is gone! They were professional and friendly and they worked me in so quickly. I don’t have anything negative to say. It was also affordable since I was a cash patient.

Chrystal V 5/2018

The service that I received for my daughter was amazing. The level of care that was given to assure that not only my daughter felt at ease, but all of our questions and concerns were answered was remarkable to me. The cost was also unbeatable, and I could not measure the quality of work that the doctor gave my family. I would highly recommend Orofacial & Dental Implant Surgery to everyone that asks about quality and cost!

Laura P 5/2018

I had a good experience today at Orofacial & Dental Implant Surgery. The entire staff was courteous and professional. Dr. Alicea is a superior oral surgeon. I would strongly recommend Dr. Alicea.

Donald C 5/2018

Awesome staff, my wife had a wisdom tooth extracted and we definitely recommend them!!

Renato F 5/2018

Staff are very good. Dr. Antonos did an outstanding job. I’ve had implant surgery before but needed it again. Dr. Antonos made this experience exceptional. I chose to have local anesthetic so I was conscious during the procedure. He communicated with me letting me know what he was doing just prior to performing each step. He was patient and worked my broken tooth out very carefully. My tooth had a very unique hooked end which presented difficulties, but he successfully and smoothly extracted it.

Dan S 5/2018

The staff is caring and Dr. Alicea was wonderful with my daughter. They called me and checked on her later in the day and made sure we could reach them with any questions or concerns.

Alicia P 5/2018

Dr. Morales is a great oral surgeon and has an awesome bedside manner and his nurses and staff are excellent. He has done surgery on me and now does injections every 11 weeks. He works together with my neurologist out of Tampa to make sure the injections are given within 24 hours of each other. His nursing staff are the best and so nice. If you’re looking for a great oral surgeon and nursing staff and office personnel to help you with your dental problems then look no further.

C C E 5/2018

Dr. Alicea and the entire staff at Orofacial & Dental Implant Surgery are patient, kind and reassuring. I am very pleased with the excellent care that my family received and give them the highest recommendation.

Reyna G 3/2018

Went to Orofacial & Dental Implant Surgery to have my son’s wisdom teeth removed. Dr. Zakir Shaikh and the entire team did an awesome job. In and out in under an hour with no pain and minimal bleeding. Highly recommended!

Dave Z 3/2018

Everyone here was very nice and professional. Dr Antonos was very good and the dental assistant Sarah was extremely kind and made me feel very comfortable before and after my surgery. I would highly recommend for anyone to go there for wisdom teeth removal.

Charles F 3/2018

First time visit and it was awesome! Felisha made me feel so comfortable and she explained everything to me. Dr. Morales was so nice, and truly was interested in my health issues before doing any procedure

Madalyn B 3/2018

Had 4 teeth pulled today, and doing great. Staff was professional and helpful. Dr Alicea is the best oral surgeon I’ve been to. His assistant was very informative and caring. It’s been 7 hours now, and the bleeding has stopped and the pain is minimal. I have to end up getting all my teeth pulled, and I will return to Orofacial for all my work, and highly recommend them.

John P 3/2018

The process was easy, quick, and fast. Afterwards I didn’t even feel any pain. The first day I slept a lot but it’s normal. As long as you take the meds when you feel a little pain about to start you will be just fine. Thank you all for the great operation! Dr. Shaikh, his assistant, and team were amazing!

Katina W 3/2018

I was on vacation and was referred to Orofacial and Dental Implant Surgery group. Dr Antonos was the dentist who was taking care of me. Luckily the problem was taken care of swiftly and I was on my way! The office was very attentive and made me feel very comfortable! I want to say that coming to a new and strange office they really were professional and comforting! Dr Antonos was simply amazing with my situation and certainly would use the services here again if the need arose! Thank you for your great care and comfort.

Victor D 3/2018

Dr. Morales was very nice and made my daughter feel at ease. He took time to show us the X-ray on the computer and discuss the problem area

Kelly G 3/2018

We love Dr. Alicea and the staff. So professional and caring. Always willing to answer all our questions and making us feel at ease with procedures. The first procedure Leslie had years ago, Dr. Alicea carried her in his arms out to the car like it was his own daughter. We will never forget that. The nurses make sure the patient is comfortable and understands every step. It is nice to have access to a doctor 24/7 if needed because one is on call. Gracias!!!

Laura F 3/2018

Great customer service from entry to exit! Front desk staff was very pleasant and inviting. Dr. Antonos was very polite, skilled and walks you through the process. His dental team, especially Sarah C., were knowledgeable and worked quickly and efficient.

Luis O 3/2018

One of the best offices I have been to. Everyone was kind, courteous and professional. Dr. Morales removed my sons impacted wisdom teeth as well as a tooth of mine and the experiences went flawlessly… I highly recommend Orofacial & Dental Implant Surgery.

P R 3/2018

Dr Moore has restored my faith in seeing the doctor again. I got tired of having doctors not listen to me and push me aside. When I came to see Dr Moore he not only listened to my complaints and issues, he accurately diagnoses them and is treating them. He was able to make me a proper night guard and I can finally sleep again!

Sarah S 2/2018

Dr. Alicea did a great job on my dental implant. His staff was great about explaining everything and answering my questions throughout the process.

Emily M 2/2018

I visited the South Orlando location to have my wisdom teeth extracted. The experience was top notch. Dr Luke Antonos was incredible throughout the process. I felt no pain, had no noticeable swelling and the recovery was quick. Everything regarding the surgery was clearly explained to me and it just made the entire process more comfortable. I will refer my family and friends here for any oral surgery needs! I must mention that another patient who was in the waiting room was praising Dr Antonos work on their dental implant as well! It is obvious that the doctors at Orofacial & Dental Implant Surgery are highly skilled and keep their patients happy and pain free.

Tatiana S 2/2018

Dr Morales is kind and caring and definitely does what is right for the patient. I feel confident in his ability and care for my upcoming surgery. The office staff is friendly and professional and the front desk made a good impression.

Lisa H 2/2018

Brand new oral surgery office in Winter Garden, opened in January 2018. Dr Luke Antonos took care of my son’s impacted wisdom teeth. He listened intently to my son’s concerns, provided options and gave compassionate care. His staff is professional and ready to help. The follow up phone calls afterwards were thoughtful and reassuring. My wife and I have 3 other kids who will likely need their wisdom teeth removed. We are very comfortable to bring them here in the future if it’s necessary.

Sam W 2/2018

This is the second time I’ve used the services of Dr. Zakir Shaikh. He has to be one of the best, if not the best oral surgeon in town. He is knowledgeable, courteous, and takes the time to explain EVERYTHING!!! My child had all 4 of her wisdom teeth extracted in less than 15 minutes!!! No lie!!! I have no clue as to how he did it, but in less than 2 hours we were back to shopping and my child had such a speedy recovery. I’m impressed and will recommend Dr. Shaikh to anyone. He is humble and down to earth but most important he is caring and experienced, unlike some other oral surgeons…Kudos to his staff! Customer service at its best and Dr Zakir Shaikh definitely leads by example!!!!

Mildred J 1/2018

Every person working there is attentive, kind, respectful, and makes you feel welcome. Dr. Alicea did a wonderful job on my surgery, was efficient, knowledgeable, and friendly. Dr. Antonos in my post-ops was absolutely wonderful and kind. The nurses were knowledgeable and helpful and made me feel at ease before, during, and after surgery. Everyone seems genuinely concerned about the wellbeing of all the patients. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Nicholas A 1/2018

My wife had a great experience at Orofacial & Dental Implant Surgery. The staff and Dr. Shaikh were wonderful and explained every step and made my wife feel comfortable. She had 2 wisdom teeth removed at once and was relieved and definitely recommends Dr. Shaikh.

Miguel R 1/2018

Dr Morales removed my sons wisdom teeth and he was gentle, answered all concerns. We could not have been happier. A few years later when I had to have 4 implants placed, I chose Dr. Morales to do the work and help me through a very difficult time. He is the very best in my estimation and I recommend him highly. He is highly trained, caring and kind.

Rita M 1/2018